What does it take to be an Educator?


A Family Day Home Educator should be someone who:

  • Has a genuine enjoyment of working with children and can offer an environment where all children will feel welcomed.
  • Understands the impact her role as Care Giver will have on the lives of the children coming into her care.
  • Is physically and mentally strong.
  • Is living in a stable nurturing environment.
  • Must be a resident of the home and that home must met the requirements of the government for safety, health & hygiene, ventilation, appropriate lighting, adequate inside play space, and enclosed outside play space. We do not at this time approve apartments.
  • Is able to submit for all members of the household a clear Criminal Record Check, clear Intervention Record Check, medical and 3 personal references.
  • Is willing to operate her day home according to the standards set by the Government of Alberta and this agency.
  • Has the ability to perform the required administrative duties and learn new skills as necessary to run a successful small business.
  • Has well developed and effective communication skills so as to work with children and adults.
  • Demonstrates the ability to respond to children’s needs appropriately and the skills to guide children’s behavior in a positive manner.
  • Wants to operate her day home with the support of a strong team of professional consultants coming into her home.
  • Has an awareness of the importance of professional development and a desire to improve her skills as a childcare worker through participating in training opportunities made available through the agency.
  • Must certify in First Aid with in 3 months of starting with agency.
  • Is flexible and able to offer a service that meets the needs of clients looking for care.

Approval Procedure

The first step is to contact our agency to set up an appointment with our Coordinator, who will visit you. The approval process requires a minimum of three visits to your home. All household members must be present for an interview during at least one of these visits. These visits will cover Orientation & Home Study, Safety/Home Setup, and Policies and Contract signing. Please note that the screening requirements, which include a Criminal Record Check and an Intervention Record Check, can take anywhere from three to six weeks to complete. Like any small business, you will encounter some startup costs, which will vary depending on the resources you already have in place. Be aware that the following requirements will incur costs:

  1. Criminal Record Check
  2. Medical
  3. First Aid Course
  4. Fire Safety Equipment
  5. Child proofing materials
  6. Toys and equipment
  7. Insurance

Once approved, should you require assistance with these startup costs, the agency can provide support through short-term loans.

Training Opportunities

NEFDHA is a licensed childcare program eligible for the Government of Alberta's professional development funding grant. This grant can be allocated toward post-secondary studies, conferences, and workshops, covering the costs of approved ECE training courses. Additionally, the government provides ECE Educators with release time funding, which compensates them for the hours spent in class and on coursework.

The agency delivers a diverse range of training in various formats. Upon approval, all Educators will receive an Orientation Binder, Standards of Care, Family Day Home Manual, The Educator Handbook, and a portfolio. The agency supplies all minimum training requirements, with the exception of First Aid Certification. Educators are required to complete a Level 1 certification within six months of their contract date. The 'Childcare Orientation Course' is available online, comprising 18 sessions, each approximately three hours long. Moreover, the agency organizes additional training opportunities throughout the year to foster networking and mutual support among Educators.


In the Province of Alberta there are three levels of certification for Child Care Staff. These levels are directly connected to the three levels of wage enhancement funds paid out to Care Givers. Wage enhancement is money paid to child care workers by the province of Alberta for the recruitment and retention of qualified trained child care staff.

Child Development Assistant

Formerly known as Level I, this certification requires a minimum of 54 hours of study. Educators can attain this certification through the Government of Alberta's online Level 1 ECE course. This certification includes an additional pay of $2.64 per hour, up to a maximum of $477.84 per month."

Child Development Worker

Formerly known as Level II, this certification requires at least one year of post-secondary study, which includes a component of field placement. Numerous colleges and universities offer courses for this certification. While these courses are at the caregiver's expense, the cost can be offset through the Professional Development Funding Grant.

This certification results in an additional pay of $5.05 per hour, up to a maximum of $914.05 per month.

Child Development Supervisor

Formerly known as Level III, this certification necessitates a minimum of two years of post-secondary study, including a comprehensive field placement component. Various colleges and universities provide courses for this certification, which the caregiver initially pays for. These expenses can, once again, be reimbursed through the Professional Development Funding Grant. This certification offers an additional $8.62 per hour, up to a maximum of $1,560.22 per month.

If you have further questions regarding certification in the province of Alberta or questions about the Professional Development Funding Grant call our agency or you can contact directly the Child Care Certification Office at 1-800-661-9754.