Why Choose a Family Dayhome?

There are a wide range of options available for child care. Below are some reasons why Family Day Homes are a great option:


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Sibling Care

Siblings can be cared for together.

Less Illness

Day homes experience a lower rate of illness due to smaller group size.

Ongoing Safety Checks

Our Educators complete regular safety checks to meet Government standards.

Home Environment

Your child will experience the warmth and intimacy of being cared for in a home environment.

Closer Relationships

Children adjust and develop closer relationships when being cared for by 1 individual caregiver.

Tax Receipts

Income tax receipts are issued on a yearly basis in time for parents to file their yearly taxes.

First Aid

It is mandatory for all Educators to have first aid training and they must renew is every 3 years.

Regular Updates

Parents receive agency newsletters on a regular basis, and are invited to attend workshops on varies child development topics.

Individual Planning

Educators are able to develop routines, and plan activities that are specific to the individual needs of the children in care.

Government Support Funding

Families can only access government support funding in licensed child care programs. This funding includes Affordability Grant, Subsidy, and Infant Care Incentive.

Back-Up Care

The agency maintains a robust backup system for occasions when the regular educator is unavailable, working diligently to secure alternative care arrangements for parents.

Flexible Hours

Family dayhomes offer flexible childcare solutions tailored to individual family needs, including full-time, part-time, before and after school, shift, and casual care options.

Thorough Screening Process

Government required thorough screen that includes a Criminal Record Check and Intervention Check for all residents of the home. Educators also provide the agency with 3 positive references and a clear medical reference.

Family Setting

Your child will experience a Family Group Setting where siblings remain together and have opportunity to interact. Children are not separated by age and have opportunity to learn from playmates that are both older and younger than themselves.

Small Group Setting

You are guaranteed a smaller group setting resulting in more one-on-one time for your child. A registered day home can only care for 6 children under the age of 13 years. Within that number ratio only 2 children can be under the age of 2 years.


Our homes are monitored on a regular basis. The agency tries to target 12 visits per year with the majority of our visits be unannounced. Our homes are also open to inspection at any time by a representative from the Government of Alberta who as per our contract has to visit 10% of our homes yearly.

Natural Spaces

The North Edmonton Family Dayhome Agency advocates for physical literacy among children. Our educators are committed to incorporating daily outdoor play into their program planning, weather permitting. We acknowledge the numerous advantages that come with children engaging in play within natural outdoor environments.


Family day homes present a cost-effective alternative for child care. As a licensed child care program, the North Edmonton Family Dayhome Agency participates in the national 'Affordable Child Care for Ten Dollars a Day' initiative. Families enrolled in our program have access to both the Alberta provincial subsidy and the federal affordability grant, making child care even more accessible and affordable.

Child Guidance

Educators are required, as per the Family Day Home Standards Manual, to employ a positive approach to child guidance. This method is communicated with parents to ensure opportunities for consistency between the educator and the family. Any child guidance actions taken by the Educator must not involve physical punishment or any measures that could detrimentally affect a child's emotional well-being or self-esteem.

Continuous Learning

NEFDHA collaborates closely with each family dayhome educator to create and execute a personalized training plan. We foster an environment of continuous education that champions best practices within early childhood education. To support this, the Agency facilitates a variety of professional development opportunities, including workshops, conferences, and training sessions that not only enhance the knowledge, skills, and experiences of our Educators but also provide a platform for networking. Moreover, NEFDHA endorses the Government of Alberta's Curriculum training program, promoting comprehensive growth and development in our field.