Educator Benefits

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should choose to work with NEFDHA:

First Aid

Agency offers group first aid training.

24/7 Emergency Support Line

Educators have access to 24-hour emergency contact

Tax Benefits

As a self-employed person there are possible tax benefits

Offers Support

Agency assists in resolving conflicts between Educators and families

Agency Support

We will match you with a Consultant who will give you in-home support

Back-Up Care

Agency offers back-up care in another approved home when Educator is off

Sets Policies

Policies protect educators regarding issues such as hours of care/overtime/sickness


Newsletters, activity calendars, websites and reference books as well as activity boxes for loan

Government Wage Top Ups

Registered contracted educators in the province of Alberta have access to government wage top ups


A comprehensive $5 million dollar Group Liability Insurance policy is in place for all agency Educators

Manages Contracts

We have established payment policies and contract all child care arrangements prior to a child starting in care

Established Policies

The Government of Alberta and NEFDHA have established policies and standards in place to guide you in your business.

Government Funding

Only families registered in licensed child care programs can access affordability grant, subsidy and Infant Care Enhancement

Wider Client Base

We can have a contract for respite child care, children with FSCD support funding, and families receiving funding through Alberta Works

Collects Fees

The agency collects fees and has established policies for guarantee of payment. Educators are paid on the last banking day of each month


Educators receive training in Early Childcare Education through home visits, workshops, and monthly newsletters and activity Calendars.

Refers Children

The Agency uses a wide range of advertising opportunities to connect families looking for care with our approved Educators. The educator chooses her clients.

Welcome Package

You will receive a Start-Up Package and Resource Binder. An assigned Consultant will support you with your setup, conducting interviews, and enrolling families into care.

Social Networking

Agency organizes opportunities for childcare professionals to come together to network and share resources. One example is our Educator Facebook page called “The Sharing Place.”

PD Funding

Educators have access to professional development funding through the government of Alberta that supports post-secondary education and training opportunities allowing Educators to stay current with best practices in early childhood education

Wider Client Base / Increased Opportunities

As a Registered Day Home Educator, you gain access to a broader clientele, including families eligible for subsidies, the Affordability Grant, respite child care, and those receiving support through the Family Supports for Children with Disabilities program.