Parent Testimonials

There are a wide range of options available for child care. Below are some reasons why Family Day Homes are a great option:

My Educator Cindy P. was just excellent and I am happy to give her a future reference. We were with Cindy for 4 years We also used Kefah's day home for a month of back-up that worked out well. I had used your agency before with my older son. He was with Zeinab H. and she was excellent as well. I found your policies to be clear and the Newsletter you sent out to be informative/interesting. - December 2023

My Children were in care 5 years with NEFDHA. My youngest started Grade 1 so I no longer need care. Jaspreet K and Gagandep K were both exceptional educators and we loved them both. We couldn't be happier with the care we received from both of them. We also came away from this experience with a lasting friendship. My Consultant was Mitzi and she always returned my calls. Great agency and lovely educators. Excellent in all areas and we highly recommend them. - October 2023

My children were with the agency for 5 years. We are only finishing because my youngest child id now going to school. We used 2 different Educators with North Edmonton Family Day Home Agency. Jaspreet Kolati and Gagandeep Kaur were both exceptional providers and we loved them both. We could not be happier with the care we received from both. Mitzi was my consultant, and she always returned my calls. Great Agency and lovely providers. We have developed long lasting friendships with both. I would highly recommend this agency - October 2023

We were with NEFDHA for 7 years. It took us about 1 month to find our special day home. There was such an instant connection between her son and my child. She always took the time to chat with me each day when I picked up my child I got to meet the Consultant in the day home also Everything about the child care experience was just excellent. I thank the agency and the Educator for taking such good care of my child. She is FAMILY Now! - October 2023

Thank you to yout agency for sending us to this educator. There was an immediate connection between her and our child. She is like family now. Our child was in care for 7 years with NEFDHA. It was nice chatting with the Consultant when she was in the home at pick up time. We appreciated that the fees were reasonable. We gave this agency a rating of excellent is all area on the survey they sent us. Thank you and the educator for taking such good care of my child. - September 2023

My child was in care 10 months right up until I went off for maternity leave. Everything was awesome about the care. Her activities keep my son active in a healthy, clean environment. I found the Parent newsletter interesting and informative. My Consultant Nery was easy to get ahold of. - September 2023

I was referred to this educator by someone that said she was very good. My child was with her for 2 years. She truly cared for the kids. She loved them all. The environment was clean, playful, educational and very welcoming. My son enjoyed going to the da home every day and enjoyed the food and snacks. I had the opportunity to speak to my Consultant on several occasions and she was easy to get a hold of. It was quality time well spent. I appreciate the day hoe, the kids, and the agency. THANK YOU - August 2023

My child was in care for 1 year with NEFDHA. We were so lucky that our Neighbour was with this agency. My boys loved going to her day home. I was grateful the great communication we had with our educator. The care my child received was excellent, the fees were reasonable, and I appreciated that the agency had policies in place. - June 2023

We had heard about NEFDHA through a family referral that gave you guys a strong recommendation. We were with your agency for 18 months and found the care my child received was amazing. Our educator took wonderful care of my child and always provided great communication and support to us I am happy to give a your agency the rating of excellence in all areas. - November 2022

We were with our Educator for 2 ½ years. Karuna was amazing in every way. My child learned so much and we were very happy with her. - November 2022

Ariel was with Cindy for 4 years and we felt the care was excellent. She really would go out of the way to help us. She was great at letting us know if she had appointments or would let us know if any kids were sick. She truly has a heart of gold for all the children in her care. - November 2022

We were previously in a daycare setting and switched to follow Candice to the day homes. Prior we had some concerns regarding day homes in general but we are really happy with the decision to move our kids over. Everything was excellent. We felt the fees were fair and had no concerns about their administrative practices. Melissa was our Consultant and she was easy to get a hold of and always reached out or responded in a timely manner. We really enjoyed our time with Candice and thank her for such a positive experience - November 2022

I am so grateful to have Farina in our lives for the past year. She was so kind and loving to my son. We only left because of him going to school. We used part-time care and still qualified for Subsidy and Affordability Grant. Cost was so reasonable. - October 2022

We were first time parent who entrusted our son to a day home. I had a good experience and was satisfied with the agencies policies. Ms. Lyn did a fantastic job in taking care of my son. I would recommend her 100% - October 2022

We had our 2 children with Kate Lowther for over 3 years. We only finished with her because they have graduated onto full-time school. There were many things we thought were just excellent about her home but most of all was the tremendous family dynamic. We are happy to give her a reference. Thanks also for the parent newsletter, we found it to be very interesting. - October 2022

We have been very happy with care. I have used the day home office for many years and can say NEDHA is clear with their policies. Just want to Thank NEFDHA for all the wonderful work you guys do. My daughter went through this agency and now my son; so it feels like family. Thank you all and may god bless each and every one of you. I would absolutely give my Educator a reference, She is amazing, like a mother to my son. Gives excellent feedback as to how my son was during the day. Cant ask for anyone better you guys have a GEM - September 2022

We were pleased by the help and sercice we received from the agency and would be pleased to use your services again in the future. Chalani our Educator was extremely professional and we are grateful for the care that she gave our little boy. Thank you to all at NEFDHA. Penny and George - September 2022

On the recommendation of a friend, we found our day home Educator. The care my child received was excellent. the kids were kept interested, entertained, (not bored) always pleased to go, learned new things and had friends of similar ages to play with. We were with the agency 16 months until my child went on to school. I happily gave my educator a reference - September 2022

We were with NEFDHA almost 4 years. Devlet and Samira are the best caregivers we could have asked for. They helped raise our son and have made him a better person. Thank you all for everything, I would rate you all as excellent. I always recommend your agency to friends. We will miss you all so very much - September 2022

Sonika is amazing. My son was loved in my absence and well taken care of. I never had to worry about quality care while I was working. Mitzi was my consultant and I met her twice. We were with NEFDHA 2 years and the care was excellent. I left to go on Maternity leave but hope to return next year. - August 2022

We had an excellent experience with the agency. Right from the first call with Debi to finding our perfect day home with Samira, we can’t say enough good things about her. She was Leon's second home! We chose Samira because of her experience, the activities she did with the kids and the loving care she gave them, and what she taught them, fed them and took them outside daily. We would absolutely recommend her, she is an excellent caregiver and teacher. Everything was excellent. Ala our consultant was easy to get a hold of and we even really enjoyed reading each and every Agency Parent Newsletter. Thank you for 2 wonderful years. - August 2022

We with our educator 1.5 years. The quality of contact with everyone at the agency was excellent. Fariha was reliable, kind and treated my child like her own. - August 2022

I was with NEFDHA for 3 years and found everything about the agency excellent. I was very happy with the care my toddler received. Ritesh S. - June 2022

We had our children in care for 2-4 years. We are taking a break for baby #3 and will be back after my maternity leave. We used 2 different providers and for both we were looking for a "home feel" and child led activities, and a play time that did not have a daycare feel. We still got lots of programming. I found the care was great and the fees/payment reasonable. You were always great to deal with even with all the extra stress of pandemic and the changing government policies. Thanks to everyone for all that you did to make finding childcare a great experience. - June 2022

We were with the agency almost 3 years and everything about the agency was just excellent. Santa was very good with Riaan and I would give her a reference anytime she wants. Our consultant Annie was very good. - June 2022

We only needed emergency back up for 3 weeks and a friend recommended NEFDHA. Everything was excellent. the process was easy to apply, They were quick and responsive by phone and email. The Educator activities were engaging and we loved all the outside time. We would use again in the future if needed. - May 2022

We were very pleased with the wonderful care we got from NEFDHA. It was great that the day home was set up on the main floor and was always so tidy and bright. We really like Dharani and the care she provided our child. We thank you all so much. - April 2022

I was with NEFDHA 4 years and everything about the agency was just excellent. My first impression was that my child would fit in great. Samira is the most wonderful caregiver!! We love her so much and she will forever be in our hearts. Couldn't have found a more perfect experience - April 2022

We are sad to be leaving our Educator Memona G. but my husband will be working from home now. It was such a tough decision knowing how much our daughter is attached to Memona who took care of her like she was her own daughter. Furthermore, Memona is a very good educator who I recommend every day to family and friends. She is so supportive and engages my daughter in lots of activities. We will miss her day home and the agency. We would not hesitate to come back if need be. - December 2021

My son likes going to Gina's homes very much. I signed him into playschool but he wanted to go back to Gina's day home. I get photos of my son participating in different activities everyday He wants to call her and say "Good Night" before he goes to sleep. - November 2021

We found everything about NEFDHA excellent. Our child was with the agency for 3 years. Roshini provides reliable care. She was patient, kind, and accommodating to our family. Throughout COVID there have been ZERO concerns with the safety of our child while in her care - September 2021

Zeinab is very understanding woman with a lovely day home. She was so welcoming our first visit and answered every question I asked. She showed me her portfolio which was stunning and showed the work she did with children. Zeinab is a very understanding woman who is always open with communication to all parents. She always treated Emma and myself with respect and welcomed us like we are family. I want to thank the agency for always being understanding of us working parents' timelines. You have helped keep the children safe during the Pandemic and that is truly appreciated. - August 2021

We truly loved our educator Roby's values and how she helped us raise our daughter Emma. She played a pivotal role in Emma's development through games and activities as she encouraged Emma to do. Her open-ended play and desire for the kids to use their imagination has fostered growth and her emotional intelligence. We are and will forever be grateful for Robyn's ability to care for our child. Thank you again for taking such excellent care of our child. - August 2021

Very happy with my experience with my day home provider. It was outstanding and Elham is like family to us. Everything was excellent with the agency - July 2021

I am pleased to offer this letter if recommendations for Sarfraz A. and the exceptional childcare she has provided to our son for the past 12 months. Our son Kane started with her when he was 8 months old. Over the past year she has been instrumental in providing him with the essential day home services we have come to expect from a very experienced and knowledgeable child care professional. Kane has been successful in meeting almost all of his developmental milestones over the first year and a half of his life and we attribute a lot of that credit to the work that Sarfraz has put in with Kane. She consistently finds the time to provide the necessary attention to our son and the children currently under her care, and implements a very positive and encouraging environment from which the children can thrive. We highly recommend Sarfraz for future child care opportunities and are confident that any new parent will be as satisfied with their child's care as we were. - July 2021

We had been with Monica before and loved her so we’re really please that she had space for Riel. Monica was consistent communicative, organized and encouraging to Riel. I have 0 complaints Thank you all - These have been challenging times for many of us and I appreciate the agency adapting - April 2021

I would rate the quality of service we received from North Edmonton Family Day Home agency as excellent. We were so lucky to find a day home that was so close to our home and accommodated our working hours. Fiza was wonderful with my daughter and us. She did a lot of activities with her. We were pleased with everything - March 2021

Our Educator Gangandeep was so patient and such a nice person. She cooked delicious food for my child. My child loved her and her day home. I was so surprised and happy when she gifted me with a craft book of her activities while she was in care on her last day. - October 2020

Amy provided great quality care. Her family really cared for my child and my child always felt safe and welcomed in their home. - October 2020

I was very sad to have to term care due to COVID. We hope to be able to resume care in the future. Shazia is very sweet and kind. She provides a variety of activities for the children. My child learned a lot while in her home. She showed a lot of care and attention. My child loved being in her home and we felt the fees were affordable. We felt good knowing the agency did unannounced checks on the home. - July 2020

We were extremely grateful that NEFDHA was able to get us into care with very short notice and provided quality care for the period of time we needed support. The Agency, Coordinator and Consultant were excellent. Thank you for your support during the COVID19 situation. - May 2020

I was with Twilligh L. for 6 years. Everything with the agency was excellent. For Twilligh running her day home is a vocation and not just a job. She give 110% to the children. - May 2020

Sarah L. was amazing. Our son Harrison loved her and he looked forward to going to dayhome every morning. We hope to be back with Sarah once COVID has settled down. - April 2020

Maida right away connected with my child as well as the consultant Lisa. Nothing but a great experience. I wish her the best and thank her for the love and kindness she showed my children. Between Lisa the Consultant and Maida the Educator I would rate this agency a 10 out of 5! I will for sure recommend this company to all my friends and family. Molly B - December 2019

We will miss having Davis in Sarfraz's day home as he enjoyed his time there: participating in activities and socializing with his peers. We thank you Sarfraz for the wonderful care and will be reaching out should we require child care in the future. - December 2019

Jose Vila was a wonderful caregiver for our daughter. During the time my daughter was with Jose she always felt safe, welcomed and cared for in her home. She looked forward to going to the day home everyday. From day one, my daughter learned new, exciting things as the games and activities provided were fun, engaging and educational. She has learned so much. I strongly recommend her as a caregiver to any parent that is looking for a clean, safe, and secure place to leave their child. - December 2019

Dundas was excellent, she took amazing care of our Agooni and we were totally blessed to have her. Lisa was our consultant She was informative and easy to get a hold of. - November 2019

We are overwhelmingly satisfied with all staff, office administrators, those putting together the newsletters and especially Monica, our Educator and Mitzi our consultant. Mitzi was abundantly helpful and supportive to me as a parent while never being disparaging to any day homes. We had two different Educators during our time with NEFDHA. - October 2019

This is to inform you that my daughter, Isabella was at Dharani's day-home for 3 months (June-August 2019) until we had to unavoidably move to a new area. During my daughter's stay there, she was very well taken care of and I can vouch she is likely one of the best around. She loved and cared for my daughter like her own child and took her safety and wellbeing very seriously. Her home and environment was also very clean and my daughter, despite being a toddler never got sick throughout her stay there. Her welcoming house soon became a second home for my daughter as she was always happy there and bonded well with Dharani and her lovely daughters, it was also easy for me to concentrate at work knowing my daughter was in safe hands. I will heartily recommend Dharani's Day-home to any parent who wants individualized, loving and well detailed care for their child. And if our paths ever cross again, I will choose her as my child's caregiver. Thanks - September 2019

We were with our day home 1 1/2 years and everything was excellent. We would b happy to give our Educator a reference as she was excellent with a great personality, a clean well organized home. Our kids had lots of fun at her home. - September 2019

Our Educator was excellent. I am happy to refer other children to her so they can also experience the care, love and warmth my child received from her. Thank you NEFDHA for all your help - September 2019

Azhar was excellent, provided great care and was lovely with our son. We really hope she can take both boys when we return from maternity leave. - August 2019

Maha is just a gem. She took all matters and big and small seriously and made sure to provide us with updates of the day. WE LOVE MAHA Also thank you at the office for finding our back-up for the short emergency we had. Thank you for making the process painless. - August 2019

Rupi was and is AMAZING. She has been a second mom to our girls. She has a lot of patience, is extremely hard working and a very kind person. She always has the kid's interests in mind & is very involving with activities and community. She will be missed. I was able to meet my agency Consultant regularly at the house. She came to many special events and holiday functions. We have had a great experience with NEFDHA - July 2019

My 2 children have been with Sajida for 5 months and have enjoyed being there. I was very impressed with all the activities she did with my kids. She always had time to give me a report on my children's day and never felt rushed at the end of the day to leave. My children enjoyed her backyard and didn't want to leave. I believe my daughter favorite was learning about butterflies and crafts. Thanks, so much for the great care you gave us, you will be missed. - July 2019

We are so thankful for everything you have done for us as a neighbour, as a day home provider and as a friend. Your home has been Amy's home too, and it has been a warm and welcoming place where our daughter was surrounded by friends and fun. It's hard to imagine a better start for Amy. Watching her grow into a confident and questioning three-year-old with you as a caregiver has been one of our life's great joys. Dropping Amy off for the first time two years ago, I remember being so anxious and sad about leaving her with someone that was not her parents. I think that must be what every first-time parent must feel, and I'm sure you've seen it dozens of times by not. How ironic; is it that now I feel all those same feelings again, except this time it's because I'll be dropping her off at your house for the last time before Amy and Eric start their new adventure? You and your family are very dear to us, and we will miss our morning ritual. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We just want you to know the huge and positive impact you've had on our family. - July 2019

Angela has been absolutely critical in empowering Elijah to communicate his emotions, and I will always be grateful to her for this. She's gone above and beyond with him and the kids under her care, and she has become dear to me regarding her opinion and guidance. She is one in a million, and I figure you already know this, but it can't be said enough. Elijah has grown so much under her supervision, and I am astounded by how much knowledge Angela has imparted to him. She deserves all praises sung of her. - July 2019

We were in care 16 months and everything was excellent. Katie was just wonderful. We had a amazing 1st child care experience. No concerns at all. - May 2019

Our Educator was excellent, trustworthy, and very hospitable. She is a true gem and we will be forever grateful for her services. We were very please with the professionalism and care provided by NEFDHA. If we ever move back to Edmonton and need child care we are coming back to you. Well Done! - May 2019

Sajida was amazing- our daughter was clearly very loved, and she loved going there. We are so sad she is no longer our Educator - May 2019

Thank you NEFDHA for all your help with back-up. It was great to not worry about this as both my husband and I work full time. Keep up the amazing work you do, home visits, and care planning with your educators. It shows that what you do matters. - May 2019

Noshaba is an excellent day home Educator. It was truly Jaya's home away from home and she was welcomed into Noshaba's Family - November 2018

Mihret was wonderful with our son. He was very comfortable with her after a short time and was happy in her care. I was amazed at how much he learned with her in a short period of time. I would gladly have continued to bring him to her day home if we were staying in the province. - October 2018

Jaspreet came highly recommended. I really like her personality and how innovative she was. You could tell she loved the children and was so patient.. she was just excellent and I have already recommended her to others. - October 2018

I was with NEFDHA for 5 years and everything was excellent. Our Educator was amazing with our son. She provided a safe and loving home for him while I wasn't able to be with him. I was always happy knowing he was in a safe place. I only left because of transportation issues for school. There are cheaper places but the extra money was worth the support (back-up, home visits) and peace of mind. We miss her terribly. - September 2018

Goreti is absolutely excellent. The children in her care ans their families are all extremely lucky to have her in their lives. I had opportunities to attend workshops put on by the agency. The office staff were all friendly and I appreciated the dental service you provided. Thanks for everything. - September 2018

I would be happy to provide our Educator with a wonderful reference. Annie the Consultant was amazing and helped us find her. - September 2018

It was always easy to get a hold of NEFDHA when we needed to. Thank you so very mush Sumra for taking such good care of our girls. You are so amazing, and we will all miss you very much. - September 2018

We with NEFDHA for 4-6 years and the care was excellent. Sumra was such a wonderful provider for both of our girls. She was attentive, kind, knowledgeable, and flexible. She truly cared for our girls and we could have not asked for a more loving, and talented Provider than Sumra. When we needed to adjust our times of dropping off or picking up she was always accommodating and flexible. - September 2018

We were with Nayaar off an on for 2 years. We loved how caring Nayaar is, she is sweet and patient. Could not ask for anyone better than Nayaar. We love her and her family. Our Consultant was Annie and she was accessible and caring. - August 2018

We were with NEFDHA about 5 years and everything was excellent. - August 2018

Ana was a wonderful provider. She made all homemade meals. She was excellent. I would give her a glowing reference, but she is retiring. - July 2018

Karen Turnball was an excellent caregiver. She truly cared about making sure the kids had well rounded, fun, and interesting days. She was very professional. I was never concerned about the level of care my children were receiving. - July 2018

We were so happy with the agency as a whole and I will continue to recommend NEFDHA to other parents. - May 2018

Our Provider was Angela B and I would absolutely provide a reference for her. My kids loved her an were devastated when we made the decision to move. She treated my kids like family and made the transition when I went back to work so easy. We have been at the new daycare for 2 1/2 months and my children still ask about Angela on a daily basis. - May 2018

I felt the home was a place my kids would be safe and loved right from the first meeting. I had no reservations about leaving my children for the day. - May 2018

We had a wonderful experience using your agency. We would absolutely give our Educator a reference. My daughters were loved and cared for by Mihret as if they were her own children. She is a kind and compassionate lady who loves and cares for the children in her care. She provided good communication and my girls loved her cooking. Leaving her was one of he hardest parts of our move. - March 2018

Our educator was Harjap. We appreciated she spoke 2 languages and provided veggie food. We used her for 13 months. Harjap was amazing with kids and the knowledge was beyond. We will come back to her next year!! - January 2018

I am happy to give my educator a reference, she is a perfect woman for day care. She provides my children with extra care and love. My girl was very happy and safe with her. Only suggestion is coming all the way to the office to sign up takes too long. It would be nice to fill out the papers in the day home. Everything else is perfect.
Debi/Director's reply, We thank you for your feedback. Although it would be more convenient it adds an additional responsibility for the educator. We feel this is part of the service we provide for her. Many of our families require assistance in the registration process which can include applying for subsidy. We also welcome the opportunity to meet with each family prior to the child starting in care.
- January 2018

Hitaf is an amazing lady and treated my daughter with kindness the way I would. - January 2018

Patricia is a pearl. Our child loved her a lot and we weren't worried about leaving her in care all day. They went outside often, she changes the toys and decorations every month. Patricia was excellent, everything was perfect, and we will miss her very much. - January 2018

We required respite care for one month and regular care for the second month. The location f the home was great. Thank you for the flexibility and support for those months. - December 2017

We with only with the agency 1 month as we were having problems with our educator. We had a meeting with Debi the director and provided her with our concerns. Thanks for listening and hopefully the comments will be effective. - October 2017

We picked our educator because of her years of experience caring for kids plus her credentials. We really liked that there was open communication. We felt everything was excellent about our time with NEFDHA. - October 2017

We put our children in the day home for additional social opportunities. Nayyar has been amazing. The genuine care she has for our girls has made their time at her day home truly like a home away from home. - October 2017

We were with the agency 9 years. Me and my daughter have had wonderful educators. Sumra and Dorothy made my daughter feel safe, interested and part of the family. Keep up the wonderful work. - October 2017

I met Tony at the park and she was so wonderful with the other day home children we asked how to join. Tony was the most amazing educator we have had. She was more family that a educator. She was comforting, loving, and energetic. We want to share how amazing she was to our daughter. It was very hard to leave and we had a lot of tears, and have truly missed her going and having her with all her friends and Tony everyday. We can't wait to put our new son into her day home when he is old enough. - September 2017

We were with the agency 1 1/2 yrs. We felt comfortable with the educator upon the 1st meeting. She is amazing. I did provide a reference for her to share. The agency and the educator were very accommodating and friendly. I was very comfortable leaving my child in their care and will do so again with both children after my next maternity leave. - September 2017

I was with the agency1 1/2 years. We finished because our child went to school. We liked that she had a nursing background. She was great with the kiddies in her care always doing crafts and activities. She was also very understanding of a parent’s sleepless night and that resulting in being a bit late. - September 2017

Seema came to us highly recommended. Seema provided excellent care to my son. I would happily provide a reference if she needs one. - September 2017

We had our son with your agency for four yrs. We had to leave because of bussing. I would be happy to give references for NE day homes educators They were awesome. We received excellent care from the office staff to the day home workers. No complaints. Thank you! - September 2017

We were with Miss Hanna T. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. Krista was also an amazing mother and educator to the children. You have been the best agency I've been with You even beat ************ corporate and private homes we tried. You hire great ladies!! - September 2017

Our educator took care of my child like she was her own. She is wonderful. My child felt like their home was her home. I could not be more thankful to my educator, agency and specially Debi the director. There are amazing people working at this agency. Anytime there was something that need to be clarified I got a good explanation from them. Lori is very good and the perfect administrator. - September 2017

We were with your agency 3 years. Our educator will forever be a part of our family. We have nothing but good memories being with your agency. Very much appreciated the parent workshops/ excellent resources. - September 2017

We instantly clicked and felt very comfortable with Amanda, she answered all of our questions. We absolutely love Amanda. She runs a great program. My son has learned so much from all of the activities the he did on a daily basis. We couldn't have asked for a better educator for our son. We felt so comfortable in sending our son everyday. We are so happy that she has a space to take him for drop in care. He really thrived at day home!! - July 2017

Our educator Monica K was kind and trustworthy, and so patient with our child when she was doing her job. - July 2017

I felt the quality of care was excellent including the office administrator, coordinator and my consultant. Our educator was very caring, knowledgeable, sensitive and kept a clean organized home. - July 2017

We loved Nayyar from the start. The care she provided was beyond excellent. She is so caring and thoughtful. Our daughter still asks to go see Nina. Our Day Home Consultant was Annie. She was easy to get a hold of, we called a couple of times and she always returned our calls and was friendly. Loved working with the agency and I have referred you to multiply people. - May 2017

Nancy A. was an amazing educator and I never worried about my daughter for a second when she was in her care. What a wonderful woman!! My Day home Consultant was Melissa and she was easy to get a hold of. - May 2017

Our educator was very passionate about taking care of children, clean and organized home, excellent programming - January 2017

Twilligh was an excellent educator and my son loved going to her home everyday. We were very satisfied with the programming she provided. We felt confident our son would be loved and well cared for. - January 2017

One day my son who is 3 said to me I know the difference between like and love Now I know I love Ada We are super happy with Ada our educator - December 2016

Our home visitor Betty was friendly, enjoyed her job and working with kids. She was easy to get a hold of and I could talk to her at any time. Everything overall with the agency was excellent. I liked my agency and all the co-workers. - November 2016

We used Rubia for 2 1/2 years and she was excellent. She was wonderful and my children became a part of her family. - November 2016

I am happy to give our educator Rachael a reference. She was very accomadating, had a great personality, and we really appreciated her being able to drop off and pick up our child from school. - October 2016

Both of the educators we used Miss Hanna and Miss Krista were extremely amazing. Both women treat the children as if they are their own. Very loving. - September 2016

I would be happy to give a reference to others about our educator because she was caring and gave my child a home like atmosphere. She was very cooperative and flexible to our needs. - August 2016

Imrana was also very conscientious when it came to providing us with information about his day. We felt like we knew what he was doing and that made it easier for us to leave him. We would highly recommend her and we hope to have both of our children return to her care after my maternity leave. My son still talks about her fondly. - May 2016

Alexis was great in every way. Very Welcoming. I always had a happy vibe from her. She was personable and I never felt she tried to instruct me on things I was doing with my daughter. She was very flexible which was great with my job. I felt she went above and beyond and most importantly my daughter was never upset when I left; she liked being there. - February 2016

Barb had older kids so she wasn't just running a dayhome so she could be home with her own kids and didn't have to send them to childcare. You could tell she really enjoyed what she did. - February 2016

My child loved going to Mary's and she still talked about Mary. I appreciated the routine and consistency Mary provided as well as how she handled misbehavior. My child liked Mary from the start. - February 2016

We found Fiza to be an excellent Day Home educator. She genuinely cares about the children in her care, provides healthy meals and operates on a very professional level. - February 2016

We were so happy with the care our son received from Imrana. She was always engaging and teaching him new things. She is so kind and flexible. Our son was always very happy to go to her house and play. - 2016

The dental visit was a wonderful experience to help get the kids use to the dentist as they get older. Thank you for organizing this. - 2016

Our educator Nancy was a true role model and great teacher who genuinely cared for the kids in her care. Had a great sense of humor and was very creative and interactive. With over 20 years experience had developed a great routine for the kids. My daughter still talks about her wonderful experiences and the friends she made. - 2016

Barb provides great care!! We were with her for four years and will miss her! - 2016

A friend recommended Sajida's home to me. From the first day I visited I liked how clean and organized her home was. She is a professional, she knows how to treat kids and handle difficult situations with them. She puts a great amount of effort to provide healthy foods and makes sure the kids get daily physical outdoor activities. - 2016

Jingru was the best educator I’ve ever had. She is patient, dedicated, responsible and warm hearted. She treats our children like family members and friends. I wish we could have stayed longer at her home. - October 2015

My experience was Excellent!! - September 2015

Monica was simply amazing. She took care of my daughter like she was one of her own. I cannot say enough about her. Both my daughter and I cried when we left. - September 2015

My educator is easy to approach, humble and willing to help in an instant. The agency also has a good systematic way of ensuring the day home meets all the expectations. - August 2015

Amazing service from the agency! I will be sure to tell my future mom friends as well as family about the care my son received. Our Educator was the best educator I could have ever asked for. - July 2015

Our educator is remarkable. We are extremely satisfied with daily programming, discipline, and communication between educator, agency, and parents. - June 2015

Angela has been wonderful!! My son has made huge strides since being there. He talks so much! We love the changes that have happened. - June 2015

We are more than happy with our educator who is just like a part of our family these past 5 years. The Agency and staff have always been wonderful, and we have been treated with respect. Thank you for the experiences. My child has grown in so many ways since coming into care. - June 2015

My day home educator is exceptional and the agency staffs are always helpful and knowledgeable. I routinely recommend NEFDHA to my friends and colleagues. - March 2015